Tips to Keep Your Electrical Contractors Safe

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Tips to Keep Your Electrical Contractors Safe

By Zuma Insurance Services | July 6, 2018

Safety plan for electrical contractor

Did you know that the electrical construction industry is valued at more than $130 billion and is seen as a major factor in the US economy? With so many hardworking people involved in the industry and a great deal of importance put on contractors, it only makes sense that everyone works hard to reduce the risk of workplace accidents and electrical incidents. Electrical contractors are responsible for bringing light and power to buildings across the country and keeping the electrical lines humming in California. But without proper safety standards and comprehensive insurance protection, you could be putting your team at risk.

Having a solid safety plan is paramount for an electrical contractor. In addition to working with a large team of electricians and other workers, this job requires great attention to detail and an understanding of complex equipment. By implementing an electrical contractor safety program for your team, you can help to keep the lights on in California and protect your employees from serious injury on the job.

Electrical contractor safety program

Do You Have a Comprehensive Electrical Contractor Safety Manual?

Every business should have a safety manual that is followed closely by all employees. But in the business of electrical construction, safety can mean the difference between life and death – so following your company safety manual should be something that is stressed daily. Because your electrical contractor safety program and manual contain potentially life-saving information, all workers on a site, regardless of the position they hold, should know all safety procedures backward and forwards. A comprehensive electrical contractor safety manual is a key tool in your ongoing, daily battle against accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Does Your Safety Plan Work?

Creating a safety plan for an electrical contractor is no easy feat but with attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the challenges your team may face, you should be able to create a plan that meets your employee’s needs and OSHA workplace standards. Want to ensure there’s no room left for error on your job sites? While there isn’t one universal electrical contractor safety program template that should be used, as you create your own safety manual be sure to include information that is pertinent to your business.

Table of Contents

Your electrical contractor’s safety manual should hit on a number of important aspects including:

  • Conduct and Professionalism (alcohol and illegal drug use, prescription medication, etc.)
  • OSHA Guidelines
  • Employer and Employee Obligations
  • Personal Protection
  • Climbing and Raising Equipment
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Tools
  • Motor Vehicle Use and Mechanized Equipment
  • Special Work Situations (welding, electrical installations, excavations, etc.)

Electrical contractor safety manual

Do I Need to Invest In Electrical Contractors Insurance?

Even the most experienced, safe and prepared electricians can become involved in an accident on the job. That’s why it’s important for your business and employees to invest in an additional layer of protection with an all-inclusive electrical contractors insurance policy.

Implementing Your Electrical Contractor Safety Program

Before you can expect your contractors to follow proper safety guidelines at work, you need to provide them with the proper tools. As you create a solid electrical contractor safety program template keep these key point in mind:

  • Without proper safety guidelines in place, you could be putting your employee’s safety and business at risk
  • Safety manuals contain potentially life-saving information that should be recognized by every employee, at every level of your business
  • To provide your team with an extra layer of protection, be sure to invest in electrician’s insurance

Want to learn more about the benefits of investing in comprehensive electrical contractors insurance for your business? Contact our friendly and experienced agents at Zuma Insurance online for more information and be sure to request a free quote today.