Insurance For Landscaping: What To Look For In A Landscaping Liability Insurance Policy

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Insurance For Landscaping: What To Look For In A Landscaping Liability Insurance Policy

By Zuma Insurance Services | March 21, 2018

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As a landscape contractor, you get to experience firsthand how much value can be added to a property with proper care and maintenance. But even with years of experience and the skills necessary to enhance a variety of different property types, accidents and nature can wreak havoc on your job site. With the added protection of general liability insurance for contractors, you can rest easy knowing that your hard work and your bottom line will be protected. Whether you’re on a job and your equipment is damaged or one of your business vehicles is involved in an accident, independent contractor general liability insurance can protect your small business against loss or damage.

insurance for landscaping CA

What is General Liability Insurance for Contractors?

General liability insurance for contractors is an extremely important and fundamental aspect of your insurance coverage. This coverage is designed to protect against lawsuits and any other financial liabilities that may arise from an accident or natural disaster. Landscaping accidents can happen without a moment’s notice and often result in injuries or property damage. With the busy spring season coming up, now is an important time to review your current landscaping liability insurance policy to ensure you have the right level of protection for your small business.

While many agents like to focus on the general liability insurance cost for contractors, at Zuma, we want to make sure that we design an affordable policy program that is tailored to fit your specific business needs. That is why we make it easy to bundle independent contractor general liability insurance with additional coverage options.

Additional Insurance Options for Landscaping Contractors

Your needs as a landscaping contractor will vary greatly compared to other small businesses in your area. Consulting with our experienced independent insurance agents will ensure that you are protected by an insurance for landscaping policy that fits your specific needs. As you look to build your policy, keep these general insurance coverage options in mind:

  • General liability insurance to protect against losses from accidents and injuries, property damage, etc.
  • Workers’ compensation to protect employees in the event of an accident or job-related illness
  • Commercial auto insurance will cover any work vehicles in the event of an auto accident
  • Business interruption can help to keep your business running after an accident or disaster

Who Needs Landscape Contractor Insurance Coverage?

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Your clients want to know that you have comprehensive insurance for landscape contractors before you begin working on their property. This important insurance protection is not just for lawn care providers and landscaping companies. In fact, there are many other outdoor contractors and landscaping professionals who can benefit from comprehensive insurance protections, including arborists, tree trimmers, landscape designers and landscape architects.

General liability insurance for electrical contractors is also necessary before you can begin working for various property owners. Additionally, if you are in the process of getting your professional license, landscape contractor insurance may be required before you can move forward with your career.

Find the Right Policy for Your Business Needs

As you look forward to a busy spring and summer season, it is important that you feel comfortable with your business insurance policy. As you look to find the right coverage to fit your unique business needs, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Landscaping contractors have a distinct set of risks to protect against
  • General liability insurance is ideal for covering costs associated with accidents injuries and property damage
  • Additional coverage options including worker’s compensation and commercial auto may be beneficial
  • Customizing an insurance policy to suit your specialized business needs is important

Want to learn more about the benefits of a comprehensive landscape contractors insurance policy? Contact the team at Zuma online today for more information and be sure to get a free quote!