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With a population of just over 100,000 people, Ventura rides the line between city and town. The resulting calm but convenient atmosphere creates an ideal environment for businesses. But even in such a great environment, accidents happen, which is why Zuma offers:

  • Ventura Business Insurance– The Ventura area is home to hundreds of businesses and billions of dollars in economic activity. Operating in everything from agriculture, retail, technological development, and manufacturing, these companies need protection from a host of natural and human risks. Our business insurance Ventura policies allow all local entrepreneurs to get the coverage they need.
  • Ventura Auto Repair Shop Insurance– There are more than 800,000 vehicles registered in Ventura County, including 594,000 cars, 140,000 trucks, and 48,000 trailers. With our auto repair shop insurance in Ventura, your shop is protected from loss and ready to service all of these vehicles!
  • Ventura Contractors Insurance– Like their San Diego counterparts, Ventura’s more than 10,000 specialty trade contractors need to be fully insured and bonded if they expect anyone to hire them. Zuma offers the contractors insurance Ventura needs to cover all these professionals against every issue that can arise on the job. As a result, both they and their clients can be confident they are prepared for any situation.

Zuma is committed to helping clients across California obtain the specific coverage they need for all of their personal and professional endeavors. For more information on our coverage options or to purchase insurance for yourself, contact the Zuma team today.

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