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San Francisco Custom Business Insurance

No one understands the need for insurance better than the people of the Bay Area. As the site of the San Andreas Fault, San Francisco has relied on insurance to prepare for disasters throughout its history. Zuma carries on this proud coverage tradition, offering:

  • San Fran Business Insurance– There are more than 116,000 firms in San Francisco, including over 34,000 employer establishments. As a San Francisco business insurance expert, Zuma offers the coverage necessary to protect all these enterprises. Our business insurance San Francisco policies prepare you for theft, vandalism, and other costly threats to your company, as well as employee injuries. Thus no matter what’s wrong, your company can continue to turn a profit.
  • Mechanic Insurance San Francisco– Although we offer business insurance for all types of organizations, Zuma is particularly eager to serve auto repair shops. This is in part because these institutions play such a large role in the local economy. There are nearly 500,000 cars, trucks, and other registered vehicles in the City and County of San Francisco alone; add in Alameda, San Mateo, and other counties in the area and the number extends well into the millions. Our policies protect auto mechanic shops in the event that any damage befalls the vehicles they care for. As a result, these shops can continue fixing local cars and trucks, thereby keeping the Bay Area in motion.
  • San Francisco Contractors Insurance– More than 20,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area work as specialty trade contractors in the construction industry. These professionals need to insure and bond their work in case something goes wrong with what they build. By providing insurance for construction San Fran and other contracting practices in the area, we keep these contractors safe and allow the city to continue growing.

Zuma is committed to providing affordable, comprehensive business and contractor coverage, both in San Francisco proper and throughout the Bay Area. With our help, you’ll have no trouble preparing your business for any challenge the future brings.

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