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“Be prepared” isn’t just a motto for boy scouts; it’s a maxim to live by! No matter how responsible you are, you could always get into trouble at work, on the road, or in any other area of life. Zuma offers a range of coverage policies to prepare for all these situations. Ranging from small business insurance in San Diego to general California contractor’s insurance, we prepare Californians for the worst calamities in every area of life.

As an expert on California business insurance and other forms of coverage, Zuma can handle all the needs that may arise, including:

  • San Diego Business Insurance– There are more than 300,000 businesses in San Diego County, including more than 75,000 with employees. We offer business insurance in San Diego to protect you from injury claims, property damage, and countless other difficulties that might arise for your business. We are particularly adept at providing mechanics insurance in San Diego. Mechanics who have San Diego mechanic insurance are covered wherever they operate, even if it isn’t on a fixed premise. Between our San Diego mechanic insurance and other CA business insurance options, we keep business booming in America’s Finest City.
  • San Diego Auto Repair Insurance and Business Auto– Besides offering mechanic insurance in San Diego, we also cover business auto so so that your employee drivers are covered. Our policies for business auto insurance in San Diego, CA are vital seeing as there are nearly 3 million vehicles in San Diego County, including more than 2.2 million cars and half a million trucks and trailers. That leaves a lot of room for accidents – but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!
  • San Diego Contractors Insurance– More than 50,000 people in San Diego County work as specialty contractors, and thus need insurance and bonding to protect themselves and attract business. Zuma offers the contractor’s insurance San Diego needs to cover any possible claims.

Whether you’re driving, working, or hiring, you should never have to worry about a minor mishap leading to financial ruin. With the aid of Zuma , you can lay those worries to rest. Contact us today to learn about our best commercial insurance San Diego policies and to get a free quote today.

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