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Sacramento Custom Business Insurance

Located in California’s scenic Central Valley, Sacramento is both the state’s capital and one of its most important economic centers. To maintain this economic edge, the town depends on:

  • Small Business Insurance Sacramento– The more than 110,000 firms in Sacramento County face myriad expensive threats, ranging from employee injury to property damage. The smaller the company, the harder it is for them to recover financially from such problems. Zuma Insurance provides comprehensive business coverage to Sacramento firms, so your company can thrive no matter what unexpected expenses you have to pay.
  • Auto Repair Insurance Sacramento– Sacramento’s booming business environment depends on logistics services from the more than 200,000 trucks and 100,000 trailers in the area. These trucks and trailers must regularly visit auto repair shops in order to stay in good condition and keep making deliveries. We offer garage keepers insurance and general liability coverage to those repair shops.
  • Contractors Insurance Sacramento– The Sacramento area is home to over 39,000 specialty trade contractors, including 15,000 building equipment workers and 10,000 building foundation and exterior specialists. Many of these individuals face serious personal risks on a daily basis; they also have to be prepared to pay for any mistakes or problems with the buildings they construct. We offer contractors insurance to cover all of this.

As an entrepreneur or independent contractor, you have the freedom to plot your career course— for better and for worse! This freedom means you can choose the path you find most fulfilling, but it also puts you at risk if your business runs into trouble. Zuma offers you the insurance you need to prepare for these risks, so no matter what goes wrong, you’ll have the financial flexibility to survive.  For more information on affordable coverage from Zuma Insurance, visit our website today.

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