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Los Angeles Custom Business Insurance

With a population of 10 million, Los Angeles County is the largest county not only in California but in the entire United States. Between the county’s size, its vibrant economy, and the wide variety of activities happening there each day, residents need every variety of insurance, including:

  • Los Angeles Business Insurance- There are more than 244,000 businesses based in Los Angeles County, and thousands of others that rely on the area for supplies, recruitment, and other essential activities. Any business with offices in the LA area must have general liability insurance to protect it from property damage, injury claims, and other expensive contingencies. Many can also benefit from surety bonds, loss of income insurance, commercial auto coverage, and a variety of other policies. Zuma offers all these policies and more to meet your company’s specific needs for business insurance in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles Contractors Insurance- Besides businesses, independent contractors need coverage. Not only must they protect themselves against liabilities and injuries, but contractors are far more likely to get hired in the first place if they are fully insured and bonded. LA County is home to more than 90,000 specialty trade contractors in the construction industry alone, with thousands more in other fields. Zuma offers construction general liability insurance in California for contractors of multiple industries. Some of these industries consist of concrete, drywall, electrical, flooring, HVAC, landscape, plumbing contractors and more.
  • Los Angeles Auto Repair Insurance- As of 2016, there were nearly 6.5 million cars registered in Los Angeles County, to say nothing of trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. Our Auto Repair Shop insurance helps protect shop owners, mechanics, and employees, and customers stay protected. Zuma offers different levels of coverage, as well as more comprehensive policies for those auto repair shops seeking full protection.

Zuma is committed to meeting all the unique needs of Los Angeles County. In this way, we keep the businesses running smoothly and help the Los Angeles economy boom.

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