Safety Tips for Sheet Metal Contractors

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Safety Tips for Sheet Metal Contractors

By Zuma Insurance Services | October 9, 2018

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Sheet metal contractors are exposed to enormous risks on a daily basis. The potential for cuts and lacerations pose the greatest risk for sheet metal workers. It is vital for contractors to arm themselves with relevant information to guarantee their safety. Sheet metal insurance in California is one of the many precautionary measures one may consider.

Read on for tips that will keep you free from danger.

1. Know how to handle sheet metal.

Proper handling will guarantee a safe working experience. Acquaint yourself with what you’ll be working with and go through the complete process before embarking on the job. Steel metal personnel are also encouraged to know the weights of the steel they are handling. This ensures that potential hazards from assumptions do not take place. It will also inform the choice of storage systems.

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2. Always be insured.

The danger of injury is always lurking every time you get down to business. The best precautions may alleviate the risk but they won’t completely rule out the possibility of accidents. Most accidents result in damage that requires huge sums to take care of. Zuma Insurance offers you insurance deals that you will save the day for you. We encourage you to explore the different policies we offer, such as General Contractors Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Contractor Bonds, Commerical Auto and Contractors Property Insurance. 

3. Use the right gear.

Sheet metal work involves lifting and moving of equipment all over the place. Contractors will do themselves a lot of justice if they go for hoists or cranes that are load-rated for the job. Failure to do this will put a lot of people to risk especially those working on the ground.

When it comes to cutting, make the appropriate choice. Hacksaws, nibblers, snips, and jigsaws can all be used to cut metal sheets. Each of them is however designed for specific material and used to achieve particular results. Also, all your equipment should also be properly maintained to offer the best services and keep you as safe as possible.

4. Always wear personal protective equipment.

Before going to your job site ensure that you have the appropriate personal protective equipment. Check for the gloves, hard hats, safety glasses as well as the steel-toed boots. A protective overall is also important to ensure that no part of your body is exposed to the sharp edges of metal sheets. Hard hats will protect your head from falling objects. The gloves ought to be well-fitted and flexible so that they don’t get in the way of your work.

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5. Store your material appropriately

Once you are done with the day’s business, it is important to keep your material safe. Ensure that the steel is properly restrained to keep it from slipping and falling over. It is also important to store the sheet in designated systems so that the shelves don’t collapse and cause havoc in the process. Cross-bracing the shelves will definitely improve their strength. Bollard posts also help to ascertain the safety of the storage system. Check the system’s safe load capacity before storage of material is done.


  • The stakes are always high every time a sheet contractor gets to work. The right gear, personal protective equipment and correct handling of material can considerably reduce the risk.
  • The risks can be reduced but will not be eliminated. Insurance is essential when accidents occur, and Zuma insurance is willing to partner with you for the best deals.
  • Put your safety and that of the people around you above everything else as you go about your business.

Appropriate insurance cover is valuable for any sheet metal contractor. Get in touch with Zuma Insurance for personalized insurance and guarantee your safety as you work with sheet metals. They’ll also answer every question you may have about possible insurance options.