How to Prepare Your Auto Service Shop For The Big Winter Rush

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How to Prepare Your Auto Service Shop For The Big Winter Rush

By Zuma Insurance Services | October 23, 2017

How to Prepare Your Auto Service Shop For The Big Winter Rush

Autumn is often a busy season for auto service shops, with business picking up as drivers get their vehicles ready for their winter rush. According to a survey commissioned by Bridgestone, 74 percent of drivers prepare their vehicles for winter. As the weather turns and colder temperatures approach, now is the time to get your auto service center ready for the big winter rush. Here’s how.

Stock the Right Inventory

First, your auto service shop will need to have the right parts in stock in order to provide the fastest service possible. Drivers search “auto service shops near me” or “winterizing car,” to find somewhere that they can get the work done fast (and sometimes on the same day). Without the right parts in stock, your service shop will likely lose some potential business.

As the services that drivers request change for winter, the parts your shop needs to stock will also change. You’ll want a range of winter tires in stock, and you’ll want to be able to get parts for all-wheel-drive systems, heaters, and heated seats quickly. Many drivers who have delayed fixing issues with these systems will want them repaired before winter.

How to Prepare Your Auto Service Shop For The Big Winter Rush

Go Over Winterization Training

Second, it’s often worth investing a few hours or half-day in reviewing winter services with your mechanics. While going over their training may seem redundant, a refresher will help ensure they’re prepared for the upcoming rush. They’ll be able to work a little faster, and they’ll know what additional services to recommend to drivers for the upcoming winter. (Review meetings are also a good time to discuss future targets and goals for the upcoming season.)

Streamline Workflow

Third, because many customers will have similar requests for their vehicles, you can likely streamline some of your auto service shop’s workflow. For instance, you might replace where freon was stored for summer with commonly needed heater parts. Drivers will need their heaters repaired more than they’ll need their air conditioning recharged at this time of year. You may also dedicate a specific day to tire changes for vehicles that need winter tires.

The most effective way to streamline your shop’s workflow will depend on your shop’s specific setup. Look around, and replace summer-specific items with ones that are more appropriate for winterizing cars. Making a few adjustments in the arrangement of parts and tools will help your shop work more efficiently when winter-related business peaks.

Review Your Shop’s Insurance

Finally, fall is a perfect time to review your auto service shop’s insurance coverage. As business increases and winter sets in, the risks your shop faces increase too. Make sure your shop is fully protected with the proper insurance coverages.

While your shop probably should already have these insurance coverages, the need for the following coverages increases during this time of year:

  • general liability insurance, because slip-and-fall injuries increase in winter
  • workers compensation insurance, because the risk of job-related injuries increases as business picks up
  • garage liability insurance, because your business has a higher chance of being sued by customers when it serves more customers

How to Prepare Your Auto Service Shop For The Big Winter Rush

Prepare and Protect Your Auto Service Shop

In summary, now is the time of year to get your auto service shop ready for the oncoming winter rush. To do so:

  • stock the inventory your shop will need
  • go over common winter services with mechanics
  • streamline your shop’s workflow
  • review your shop’s insurance coverages

For help reviewing your auto service shop’s insurance coverages, contact us at Zuma . We can help check your shop’s insurance regardless of where you got it, and we can also help get your shop different insurance if its current coverages don’t provide adequate protection.