Plumbing Business Insurance: Why You Need Liability Insurance For Your Plumbing Business

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Plumbing Business Insurance: Why You Need Liability Insurance For Your Plumbing Business

By Zuma Insurance Services | November 15, 2017

plumbing business insurance

Protecting Your Plumbing Business With Plumbers Liability Insurance

If you own a plumbing business, having the proper insurance coverage is essential. Without the right plumbing insurance coverage, you may find your company facing financial losses because of equipment damage, expensive lawsuits or other unexpected issues. Fortunately, with the right insurance for plumbers policy, you can rest easy knowing your business is always protected.

Risks Facing Plumbing Businesses

Plumbing businesses face unique risks that can be costly. For example, when you are on the job, you may accidentally damage your customer’s home or belongings while performing professional services. You may also fail to deliver services that meet the customer’s expectations, which can lead to claims filed against your company. In addition, you may suffer losses if your property or the equipment you use to run your business becomes damaged. Furthermore, when this property or equipment is damaged, you may be unable to continue operating your business, which leads to temporary income loss on top of the repair or replacement costs you already face.

plumbing business insurance

Protecting Your Plumbing Business

If you own a plumbing business, you need adequate insurance coverage. Even if you feel like your small business is too small to insure, you should still invest in a policy. Some plumbing business owners believe that businesses run out of the home and/or with no employees don’t require liability insurance for plumbers, but failing to purchase coverage in these cases still puts you at significant risk.

To protect your business, you may need several different types of insurance to cover the different risks you face. The most common types of insurance purchased by plumbing business owners include:

  • Commercial property insurance – This type of insurance protects the equipment, tools, and property you use to operate your plumbing business. If any of these assets become damaged, this insurance policy will pay for repairs or replacement.
  • General business insurance – General business insurance exists to protect plumbers when customers file lawsuits against them. Lawsuits may be related to injuries or property damage that occur in a customer’s home, or they may be related to injuries that occur on your commercial property. This type of insurance will also protect against certain types of libel or slander claims.
  • Plumbers liability insurance – General liability insurance doesn’t typically cover liabilities directly related to the professional services your business provides to customers. To protect against these liabilities, you must invest in insurance for your plumbing business, specifically plumbers liability insurance.
  • Business income insurance – In some cases, covered incidents, such as property damage, may make it impossible for you to operate your business temporarily. Business income insurance covers your lost income during these times.

If you have employees, you may also need to invest in worker’s compensation insurance. In addition, if you have one or more vehicles that you use to transport equipment while operating your business, you may need to purchase commercial vehicle insurance as well.

Finding the Right Insurance Coverage

If you own a plumbing business, finding the insurance coverage you need can be complicated. However, an experienced insurance agent can review your coverage needs and help you find the policies that are best for you.

plumbing business insurance

Key Takeaways

  • All plumbing business owners need to invest in plumbing business insurance, regardless of the size of the business.
  • Plumbing business insurance can protect from a variety of risks, including liability, claims related to customer satisfaction, commercial property damage and more.
  • To cover all of the risks your plumbing business faces, you may need several different types of coverage.

If you need to insure your plumbing business, please contact Zuma today to discuss your needs and/or to get a free plumbers liability insurance quote.