Keep Your Business in Business: Why Business Owners Need Insurance

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Keep Your Business in Business: Why Business Owners Need Insurance

By Zuma Insurance Services | July 5, 2017

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Every business owner works really hard to make sure their business is up and running with the best team, products and establishment possible. From the moment you put together your first ideas to gathering a team to help you build your ideas and finally opening for business, your hard work should not go unprotected. Every business owner needs the right business insurance policy to protect their assets and ensure that the business keeps running smoothly for many years to come.

Total Insurance Protection: Insurance for Business Owners

There are several different types of insurance coverage that are considered essential for business owners. To better serve our clients, we offer a wide variety of business insurance coverage options including:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Business Property Insurance
  • Surety Bonds
  • Loss of Income
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation

As a business owner, you’re responsible for making sure that your daily operations, your employees and your end product are all protected with total insurance coverage. No matter the size of your business or the number of people you currently employ, without proper insurance coverage, you are putting your profits and your reputation at risk if you operate without a solid insurance policy.

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers any physical damage or injuries incurred by a third party, as well as any claims of libel or slander against your business. Most often, landlords will require businesses to carry this type of coverage when renting a business space.

Business Property Insurance

If you own your own building or have any business personal property like office equipment, computers or tools in your building, this coverage protects against fire, vandalism, theft, smoke damage and more.

Surety Bonds

This legal contract works to ensure that all obligations are upheld between whoever who holds the bond, the person who required the bond and a surety or insurance company who guarantees the bond.

Loss of Income

If your business is unable to operate due to an accident or disaster, this coverage works to protect your earnings. Often paired with business property insurance, this coverage helps business owners to plan ahead for a rainy day when operations come to a halt.

Commercial Auto

Whether you provide company vehicles for your employees or require employees to use their own cars to transport business items, this coverage works to protect against liability claims, property damage and job-related injuries.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have more than 2 employees, it is important that you invest in worker’s compensation insurance. While accidents may be few and far between, it’s in the best interest of your business and employees to carry this insurance as it covers medical bills, time lost, rehabilitation costs and more for anyone who is injured or becomes ill on the job.

Protect Your Business with Comprehensive Coverage

With so much time, energy and hard work put into building your business, investing in comprehensive business insurance is a must. When putting together your business insurance policy, keep these key factors in mind about the business insurance CA company owners need:

  • General liability coverage provides defense and damages if you, your employees or your products/services cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party.
  • Surety bonds are a great way to give peace of mind to each party involved in a business agreement.
  • Commercial auto insurance offers an extra layer of protection to your business vehicles and employees out on the open road.
  • Workers’ compensation coverage is important for businesses both big and small.

Whether you have a handful of employees or you’re expanding the business with new locations, finding the right combination of coverage to fit your needs and your budget can be easy with the help of our experienced team at Zuma . Visit us online to get a free quote and invest in a comprehensive business insurance policy today!