This Is How To Keep Your Best Automotive Technicians

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This Is How To Keep Your Best Automotive Technicians

By Zuma Insurance Services | February 6, 2018

This Is How To Keep Your Best Automotive Technicians

When you get lucky enough to hire the best automotive technicians, you want to make sure they love their job and plan to stay on your payroll for a long time. With today’s technology, auto technicians must be able to operate a variety of diagnostic tools as well as make repairs on many different makes and models of vehicles. To keep the best auto technicians from becoming overwhelmed, you need to make sure they have the opportunity to continue their education as well as the benefits they need to take care of both themselves and their families.

Continuing Education

Continuing education classes are a must if you want to have the best and most qualified auto technicians in the business. Car manufacturers are constantly upgrading their systems and developing new technology to keep engines and operating systems running optimally. Offering your auto technicians opportunities for continuing education shows them that you have a vested interest in their future. Along with continuing education comes the opportunity for advancement within your team. Make sure that each auto technician has the training they need to be the very best at what they do. When you invest in your technicians, your return on investment results in happier, more confident mechanics who go above and beyond to maintain the best possible reputation.

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Explanation of Their Benefits

Offering your auto technicians a well-rounded benefit package is also essential if you plan on keeping them happy. When you hire an automotive mechanic technician, explain the benefits package they will be receiving and let them know it is because they are an important part of your team. Make sure that all of their questions are answered. Go over each benefit in great detail, from their health insurance coverage to the number of days off they are allowed each year. A solid benefit package that offers adequate insurance coverage and paid time off each year is one thing that many auto technicians won’t work without.

auto technicians, automotive mechanic technician

Worker’s Compensation

Above all, every automotive mechanic technician wants to know they will be taken care of if they are injured while on the job. It’s important that they know what Worker’s Compensation is, how the process works, and what they are entitled to if an accident happens. The last thing a good auto technician wants to worry about is how to support their family if they are injured while on the job. Normally included in a solid benefit package, you should always go over the Worker’s Compensation plan separately. While it’s still considered a type of insurance, this type of coverage is essential when it comes to your family having what they need if you are no longer able to work.

To keep the best automotive technicians in your garage, provide them with the things they need to feel safe and secure. You will want to discuss several things with your any hire to ensure they understand the benefits for working with your company and be sure to remind your valued long-time employees and keep them up to speed on everything they are offered such as:

  • Continuing education
  • Detailed benefits package, including health insurance, vacation time, etc.
  • Worker’s compensation plan
  • Why working for you is the best decision they can make

Make sure they understand all of the benefits they will have by working for your company. Encourage them to come to you if they have any questions about what is expected of them. Making an employee feel valued and letting them know that they are an asset is important. Let them know that they are considered a valued and irreplaceable member of your team. When it comes to discussing the benefits package you offer, call the agents of Zuma . They can help you explain all aspects of the insurance coverage you offer, including the Worker’s Compensation policy. Don’t let a good auto technician get away. Offer them the type of security and insurance protection they deserve!