Sheet Metal Contractors Insurance
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The Zuma Difference

There are many reasons a sheet metal business needs sheet metal workers insurance. From general liability insurance to workers compensation to contractors property insurance, at Zuma, we work with sheet metal contractors to identify their operational risks. We help them find the right coverage to protect their businesses, employees and business property.

At Zuma, we listen to our customers feedback and design personalized insurance solutions to their specific business needs.

Our Sheet Metal Contractors Insurance Options

General Contractors Liability Insurance

Sheet metal contractors face all types of occupational hazards such as cuts and burns from soldering and welding, as well as slips and falls from ladders and scaffolding.  General liability insurance might not be enough to cover this unique set of risks. At Zuma, we help sheet metal contractors and business owners assess their operations and customize sheet metal insurance solutions to fit their needs.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Sheet metal contractors often are injured or become ill on the job. Workers compensation insurance covers employees medical costs and lost wages while they recover to help them come back healthy and productive.

Contractor Bonds

Consumers have great expectations when it comes to the insurance requirements for contractors they hire. Many of them prefer hiring bonded contractors because they want the added protection in the event a contractor can’t finish a job. This type of insurance also benefits sheet metal contractors if they subcontract work, and the people they hire don’t keep up their end of the agreement.

Commercial Auto

At Zuma, we help sheet metal contractors find the right commercial auto insurance. Whether they are looking to insure a single truck or fleet of vehicles, Zuma insurance agents have all their commercial auto needs covered.

Contractors Property Insurance

Sheet metal tools and equipment aren’t covered by general contractors liability insurance. To protect the tools of their trade, sheet metal business owners need contractors property insurance. We help them find the right construction industry insurance for their unique needs.