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Plumbing Contractor Insurance: Make Sure You’re Fully Covered

The Zuma Difference

Looking for plumbing insurance? Zuma is here for your business. Plumbing contractors know the ins and outs of running their businesses and the risks they face day-to-day. However, they often don’t stop to consider the unseen risks and the consequences of having inadequate plumbing coverage. While general contractors liability does provide some insurance coverage, it doesn’t protect contractors or employees that have an accident while driving a company vehicle or the expensive tools and equipment that are damaged or stolen on a job.

Plumbing Liability Insurance

General Contractors Liability Insurance

Plumbing business insurance includes general contractors liability insurance helps protect plumbing contractors from lawsuits that allege bodily injury, personal injury, property damage and advertising injury.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Plumbing contractors deal with numerous health and safety challenges daily. At Zuma, we make sure they find the right workers compensation coverage to protect their businesses in the event an employee worker is injured or becomes ill as a result of job-related activities.

Contractor Bonds

Sometimes general contractors liability insurance isn’t enough. Today, more and more customers want the reassurance that they are working with reputable professionals and competent individuals with independent contractor insurance. At Zuma, our agents can walk plumbing contractors through the different types of plumbing contractor insurance plans, including surety bonds and help ensure that all parties that sign a contract keep their promises.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance protects vehicles owned by plumbing contractors. This type of insurance covers contractors liability if a business owner or an employee has a driving accident.  At Zuma, our agents help contractors understand the benefits of commercial auto and how to protect their assets and avoid unforeseen expenses before disaster strikes.

Contractors Property Insurance

Plumbing tools and equipment aren’t covered by general contractors liability insurance. To protect the tools of their trade, plumbing business owners need plumbing industry insurance with contractors property coverage. At Zuma, we insure plumbing professionals tools, equipment and business technologies to help them avoid constant repair and replacement expenses and offer free plumber’s insurance quotes. Contact us today for more information on insurance for your plumbing business.