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HVAC contractors know the ins and out of running their businesses and the risks they face every day. However, they often don’t stop to consider the unseen risks and the consequences of having inadequate HVAC contractor insurance coverage. General contractors liability does provide some coverage, but it doesn’t protect contractors or employees that have an accident driving a company vehicle or the expensive tools and equipment that are damaged on the job. HVAC contractor’s insurance in CA protects contractors from these issues, and the other threats contractors can come across in their field. HVAC business insurance is absolutely necessary for all HVAC professionals to have.

Our California HVAC Insurance for Contractors

General Contractors Liability Insurance

From bodily injuries to property damage, general contractors liability insurance for HVAC contractors helps protect HVAC contractors and their employees from the risks most common to their profession. At Zuma, we help assess contractors day-to-day operations to determine the proper California HVAC liability insurance for their needs. We help business owners find the right California HVAC insurance coverage and professional indemnity insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is designed to take care of employees who are injured or become ill as result of job-related duties. From medical costs to lost wages to death benefits, at Zuma, we work with HVAC business owners to find the right workers comp solutions for their unique needs.

Contractor Bonds

Surety bonds add another layer of assurance for customers who are shopping around for an HVAC contractor. At Zuma, we help HVAC contractors navigate the surety bond process and help make sure everyone who signs a contract keeps their promise.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance protects business cars, vans, and trucks. This type of insurance covers HVAC contractors and their employees if they have a driving accident on company time.

Contractors Property Insurance

HVAC tools and equipment cost a lot of money. Repairing or replacing lost, damaged or stolen items can become a huge expense. At Zuma, we design contractors property insurance solutions and make sure the tools contractors and their employees rely on are fully covered.