Flooring and Floor Covering Contractors Insurance
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Flooring Insurance Will Have You Covered Before Something Happens

The Zuma Difference

If you’re a flooring and floor covering contractor you’re no stranger to occupational hazards. You know the risks, but you still need to protect your business, employees and equipment. You know you need flooring contractors insurance. With so many insurance products out there, finding the right flooring insurance coverage can be extremely confusing and time-consuming.

At Zuma, we make business insurance for flooring contractors easy. We understand our customer’s businesses and listen to their feedback to customize the right plan to fit their needs.

Our Flooring Contractor Insurance Products

General Contractors Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is critical for protecting flooring and floor covering contractors and responds to lawsuits that allege bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. At Zuma, we help our customers find the right general liability insurance and contractor indemnity insurance to protect their businesses from seen and unseen risks.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation helps protect concrete contractors businesses if an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of job-related duties. At Zuma, we help contractors understand why they need this workers comp insurance and help them find the right coverage for their unique needs.

Contractor Bonds

Surety bonds aren’t like home or life insurance policies. They are an added layer of insurance many customers require concrete contractors to obtain before they can begin working on a project. At Zuma, we simplify the surety bond process and help contractors protect their businesses and employees with the right flooring contractor insurance if they can’t finish a job or damage a customer’s property.

Commercial Auto

From pickup trucks to company cars, we help flooring and floor covering contractors find the right commercial auto insurance to keep their businesses moving. Now concrete contracts can have peace of mind anytime an employee gets into the driver’s seat of one of their business vehicles.

Contractors Property Insurance

Flooring and floor covering materials, tools and equipment can be expensive. Accidents happen and things are bound to get broken. At Zuma, we help protect the tools concrete contractors rely on to keep their businesses in operation. From power strippers and scrapers to dust collectors and everything in between, we’ve got our flooring customers covered by the right remodeling contractor insurance. Contact us, and let our experts help you with you custom insurance for flooring contractor’s today.