Electrical Contractors Insurance In California
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Electrician business insurance for electrical contractors is a must have. Electricians have one of the most dangerous professions. From electrocution to ladder injuries to property damage, electrical contractors and their workers face a wide range of risks every day. Having the right electricians insurance coverage is key to avoid paying expensive legal fees.

The Zuma Difference

Our electrical contractor’s insurance in CA specializes in customizing programs that provide comprehensive coverage to electrical business owners. We work with electrical contractors to identify the risks specific to their businesses and personalize electrician insurance packages that protect against claims, theft, property damage, and other liabilities. Speak to one of our experts to get a free quote today.

Our Electricians Contractors Insurance Products

General Contractors Liability Insurance

At Zuma, we customize liability insurance for electricians to protect them from lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage caused as a result of their business operations.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is required for electrical contractors who hire employees in California. This type of insurance allows contractors to take care of their electricians and employees if they are injured or become ill on the job. At Zuma, our workers compensation specialists help business owners find right electrician liability insurance coverage with workers compensation for their unique needs.

Contractor Bonds

Some states and customers require electrical contractors to be bonded before they can start working on a home or commercial project. At Zuma, we walk electrical contractors through the features and benefits of surety bonds and simplify the application process of getting California contractor insurance.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for injuries or damage caused to people or property. It helps protect contractors and workers who have an accident driving a business vehicle and are found at fault. From basic liability coverage to theft, there are a wide range of commercial auto insurance products that can protect electrical contractors from the risks most common to the industry.

Contractors Property Insurance

Electrical contractor tools and equipment are expensive, but they’re often left uninsured. Not all electrical insurance policies cover tools. Finding the right property insurance coverage can help electrical contractors avoid paying big when their tools and equipment are lost, damaged or stolen.