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Contractors Insurance California: Get Covered With Drywall Contractors Insurance

Drywall contractors are exposed to potential risks every day as they construct the walls and ceilings in our homes and businesses. From falls to structural collapses to property damage caused by employees, California’s local drywall contractors face their own unique set of challenges and liabilities. Having the right California general contractor insurance coverage can provide peace of mind for business owners who already have too much on their minds.

The Zuma Difference

At Zuma, we specialize in helping drywall contractors identify risks and customize a plan that protects their businesses and employees in the face of the unexpected during any installation. Let us guide you to finding exactly the drywall insurance you need.

From workers compensation to contractors property insurance, we are here to help drywall contractors navigate the features and benefits of general California contractor’s insurance to specialized insurance products. We listen to our customers feedback to deliver personalized coverage solutions.

Our Drywall Contractor Insurance Products

General Contractors Liability Insurance

In construction, accidents are inevitable. From injuries caused by mishandled or improperly used tools to falls off ladders, drywall contractors face all types of dangers on the job. General liability insurance covers bodily injuries and damages to a customer’s property. Even though general contractors insurance provides basic coverage, this CA contractor insurance might not be enough.

At Zuma, we help drywall contractors identify and understand their operational risks to determine if they need additional coverage and customize packages to fit their specific needs.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Drywall contractors and other skilled builders are no strangers to injuries on the job. While contractors are often aware of the risks they face day-to-day, there are also unexpected liabilities that can damage their business. At Zuma, we design insurance solutions that give drywall contractors peace of mind knowing they can take care of their employees if they are injured or become ill on company time.

Contractor Bonds

Consumers today have greater demands when it comes to the people they hire. While bonding requirements are different across the U.S., most people want the added assurance that a bonded drywall contractor provides. Drywall contractors that are bonded help protect their customers and their businesses in the event they can’t finish a job or fall short of meeting a customer’s expectations.

Commercial Auto

Drywall contractors often have vehicles that are designated for their businesses. Commercial auto insurance helps protect contractors and their employees any time they get behind the wheel.

At Zuma, we know the ins and outs of commercial auto insurance. We have experience getting contractors discounts and comprehensive business vehicle coverage at the most competitive prices.

Contractors Property Insurance

Drywall equipment is expensive, replacing it is even more expensive. Accidents happen. Power tools are dropped, business technology fails and equipment malfunctions. Contractors property insurance insures the tools of the trade, so construction professionals can keep building and growing their businesses. Business owners can rely on us for a full range of California drywall contractor insurance services. Contact us today for any questions about contractors insurance in California and drywall contractors insurance.