Concrete Contractor’s Liability Insurance In CA
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From general liability to workers compensation to surety bonds, concrete contractors have a lot of choices when it comes to construction company insurance. Identifying potential risks and choosing the right coverage can be a time-consuming and frustrating process for busy business owners.

At Zuma, we make concrete business insurance for contractors easy. We work with concrete contractors to get a full picture of their operations and the risks they face every day to customize insurance plans that fully cover their businesses. Not sure what you might need? We can guide you.

Our Business Insurance Products for Concrete Contractors

General Contractors Liability Insurance

Concrete contractors have more job-related accidents than most offices. From injuries caused by falls and improperly used tools to mistakes and damages to a customer’s property, construction business owners face a lot of occupational risks. Our concrete contractor’s liability insurance in California helps protect concrete contractors businesses if employees are injured on the job or if a customer’s property is harmed. Business insurance for concrete contractors is a necessity, and Zuma provides one of a kind concrete contractors insurance in California.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is required for any business that hires employees in California. It provides protection to concrete contractors and covers medical costs and wages for workers who are injured or become ill as a result of job-related duties. At Zuma, we help concrete contractors identify and understand how workers compensation works, how premiums are determined, and why their businesses need it.

Contractor Bonds

Contractor surety bonds are different than the insurance one would buy for a home or small business. There are a number of construction surety bonds, including bid bonds, performance bonds and maintenance bonds. At Zuma, we help concrete contractors navigate the challenges of surety bonds and sub-contracting jobs to ensure that everyone who signs a contract lives up to their end of the agreement.

Commercial Auto

Anytime an employee gets behind the wheel of a business vehicle, a concrete contractor is at risk. At Zuma, we have experience helping contractors find the right commercial auto insurance to protect their businesses and their workers.

Contractors Property Insurance

Concrete contractors use their skills to make beautiful, custom renovations to homes and businesses. But creating quality work often requires expensive equipment and tools that can easily be damaged, destroyed or stolen on the job. At Zuma, we help protect the tools of the trade and customize contractors property insurance to ensure that trowels to mixers and everything in between is covered. If you are looking to buy concrete contractors insurance we’re here to help and can give your business the coverage it needs.