Ceramic and Mosaic Tile Contractors Insurance
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The Zuma Difference

Get the right commercial coverage from the start. Ceramic and mosaic tile work requires experience and meticulous attention to detail. Simple mistakes happen during the course of business. A wrong colored tile is used, a tile can crack before it’s set or a worker can cut his hand using a power tool.  From bodily injuries to property damage to workers compensation, at Zuma, we’ve got CA contractors fully covered.

Our Ceramic and Tile Contractors Insurance Products

General Contractors Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers bodily injuries and property damage to a third-party. This type of ceramic contractor insurance helps protect ceramic and mosaic contractors assets, income streams and reputations no matter what happens. At Zuma, we listen to our customers feedback to make sure they’re getting the right insurance coverage for their needs.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill on the job. This type of tile contractor insurance helps pay for employees medical costs, wages, and more. It also covers death benefits and legal fees if a deceased worker’s family member decides to sue a contractor’s business.

Contractor Bonds

Surety bonds ensure that everyone who signs a contract fulfills their side of the agreement. Some customers even require ceramic and mosaic contractors to be bonded before they can begin working on a home or commercial project. At Zuma, we help contractors navigate the complexities of surety bonds and simplify the application process.

Commercial Auto

Protect business vehicles with commercial auto insurance. From company cars to vans to a fleet of trucks, at Zuma, we specialize in designing a wide range of business vehicle insurance solutions. We make sure that contractors and employees who have driving accidents are protected from liabilities that aren’t covered by general contractors liability insurance.

Contractors Property Insurance

From $15 grout wands to $2,000 ceramic tile cutters to everything in between, contractors property insurance covers the materials, tools and equipment ceramic and mosaic contractors use to beautify homes and offices. Have peace of mind when you get California business insurance quotes today.