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Auto Mechanic And Auto Repair Shop Insurance That Keeps Your Business in Business

Businesses face all kinds of risks, but the auto repair industry faces more health and safety risks than most. Finding the right auto repair shop insurance coverage begins with identifying the risks auto services businesses encounter every day. At Zuma, our insurance agents are here to make sure all the bases are covered. We help our auto mechanic insurance customers avoid loss of profits or severe damage to their reputations.

The Zuma Difference In Our Auto Mechanic Insurance

Auto repair shops need insurance. We specialize in the auto repair industry and automotive repair shop insurance, including general auto care insurance, body shops, transmissions, and more. We help business owners in California find the right insurance for the unique needs of their businesses and their technicians

Our insurance specialists are here to answer auto repair insurance questions and walk business owners through the different types of coverage without all the completed jargon. We provide personalized support with our auto mechanic shop insurance. We help them identify the potential risks they may have missed and get them comprehensive coverage for their businesses and employees at the most competitive prices for auto mechanic insurance.

Auto Repair Industry Insurance Coverage Types

Auto Mechanic Insurance Components

  • Business Auto
  • Businessowners policy (BOP)
  • Garage Liability Insurance
  • Garage Keepers Insurance


Auto Repair Business Insurance– provides coverage for vehicles owned and operated by auto repair businesses. California commercial auto insurance for businesses is intended for claims resulting from when an auto service shop owner or an employee has a driving accident and is found at fault.

Businessowners policy (BOP) – is a combination of property insurance, general liability, and other common auto services insurance products in one neat package. However, business owners have the opportunity to extend their auto shop insurance coverage to make sure that their businesses are protected against a wider range of risks.

Garage liability – covers liabilities that happen as a result of work done at an auto repair shop such as bodily injuries or property damage. From slips and falls to customer complaints- garage liability covers their businesses from almost everything outside of workers compensation.

Garagekeepers – covers damage to vehicles in an auto shop owner’s care or custody. While garagekeepers isn’t required for auto shops to operate, this type of insurance can help protect businesses from severe losses.  At Zuma, our agents specialize in commercial auto services insurance and can help our customers determine critical areas of coverage to keep their businesses running in the wake of a disaster.