Why Insurance for your Small Business is the Best Investment

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Why Insurance for your Small Business is the Best Investment

By Zuma Insurance Services | August 15, 2018

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For many small business owners running a business isn’t just business; it’s personal. Many spend years dreaming and planning before they actually get their business going. Getting started can be hard, especially if you have a tight budget, and many do what they can to keep expenses under control, which sometimes means making a few sacrifices. One thing, however, that should not be sacrificed is small business insurance.

Why Small Businesses Need Business Insurance

While it may seem to some businesses that a little caution may prevent them from needing insurance, the truth is that it is legally required for small businesses to carry some types of insurance in order to protect themselves and their employees. Any business that employs others needs to carry various types of insurances in order to avoid civil or even criminal charges or even the forced closure of your business.

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The Protection Your Employees Deserve

Besides risking the closure of your business, running a business that does not carry at least Small Business Liability Insurance is not fair to your employees. While you likely intend to take care of your workers should they become sick or injured on the job, if your company is sued, or if you suffer substantial financial losses due to market conditions or even from being the victim of a crime, you can give your employees at least some peace of mind knowing that they will be able to come out of any potential bad situation okay.

Types of Small Business Insurance to Consider

Small Business Liability Insurance may be among the first types of insurance that small business owners consider, but there are more specific types of coverage that business owners should consider as well. At Zuma Insurance, we work with a wide variety of businesses and can help you figure out what types of business insurance are most appropriate for your business.

Loss of Income

When a disaster strikes through a natural disaster (aka “Act of God”) or a man-made one, business earnings may fall short for quite some time. Having a Loss of Income provision to your policy can help assure that you stay afloat during your business’s rough patch and are able to move forward again when things get better.

Commercial Auto

Businesses often do not operate from a single location, and vehicles keep many small businesses moving forward in more ways than one. But sometimes, those vehicles are involved in accidents, which can hurt business owners, employees, and even persons in the general public. At Zuma, we’ll help you decide what type of commercial auto coverage needs to be included in your business owner’s policy.

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Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation is a complex piece of the business insurance puzzle. Since no two businesses have the same level of need and risk . Worker’s Compensation is a complex piece of the business insurance puzzle. Since no two businesses have the same level of need and risk. Worker’s Compensation policies help to cover medical treatment, as well as disability and death benefits that can prompt claims in positions from high risk construction work who suffer injuries from falls, to office workers who develop injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unemployment Insurance

Having unemployment insurance gives many potential job candidates a greater sense of security, and helps attract better quality people to your business. This means less time and money needs to be spent on training new employees as they move on to other positions, or when you are forced to let them go.

Get an Insurance Quote for Your Small Business

Business insurance is something that is necessary for businesses of all sizes, but it can be hard to decipher exactly what level of coverage your business truly needs. At Zuma Insurance in Montebello, CA we will listen closely and evaluate the needs of your business, in order to help you choose the coverage that makes the most sense as your business moves forward to the future. To learn more about our options, contact us at 866-400-4434, or sign up to get a free quote online.