How to Be the Best Repair Shop in Your Area

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How to Be the Best Repair Shop in Your Area

By Zuma Insurance Services | August 23, 2017

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The auto repair industry can be competitive, but shops that manage to rise to the top often are busy with work and frequently enjoy excellent profits. If you own an auto repair shop, here’s how to have the best car repair shop in your area.

Hire Only ASE-Certified Mechanics

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence doesn’t certify auto repair shops, but it has a voluntary certification program for the people who work in them. People who have passed through this program and become certified mechanics have demonstrated their professional expertise and passed a rigorous exam.

Hiring only mechanics who are certified by the ASE has two main benefits for your shop. First, you’ll be able to advertise that all your shop’s mechanics are ASE certified, which itself will set your shop apart from many others in the area. Second, you’ll know the mechanics you hire will do good work — which will ensure customers are happy with the maintenance and repairs provided by your shop.

How to Be the Best Repair Shop in Your Area

Offer Both OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Some dealers and auto shops argue that either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts are better. The reality is, however, that both types of parts have their benefits.

OEM parts are built to the specifications set forth by auto manufacturers. They’re just as reliable as the original parts in a vehicle, and sometimes they’re even made at the same manufacturing facility. These parts are good for customers who want reliable parts used for their vehicle’s repairs.

Aftermarket parts typically cost much less than OEM parts, which is their main advantage. Their quality sometimes meets that of OEM parts, but it can vary because these parts aren’t overseen by car makers. Aftermarket parts are right for customers who want to save money on their vehicle’s repair cost.

To cater to both types of customers, offer both OEM and aftermarket parts at your shop. Explain the difference to customers, and let them decide what parts they’d like used in the repairs made on their car. Customers will appreciate being able to determine how their car is repaired.

Hold Extended Hours

To make it easy for customers to get their cars serviced, make sure your auto shop is open beyond normal business hours. Opening early in the morning and staying open in the evening will give customers an option to come before or after work. Opening on Saturday will make it easier yet as it gives customers the opportunity to come on a non-weekday.

Make Sure Your Auto Shop is Insured

Properly insuring your auto repair shop is just as important as hiring the right people, using the right parts or being open during convenient hours. Some customers will want to make sure your shop has sufficient insurance, and they may take their vehicle elsewhere if your shop isn’t insured. Even if customers don’t ask about your shop’s insurance, they’ll expect you to have liability insurance in case your shop is responsible for property damage or personal injury they suffer.

A good auto repair shop insurance policy has at least the following coverages:

  • business auto coverage
  • garage liability coverage
  • garagekeepers coverage

How to Be the Best Repair Shop in Your Area

Set Up the Best Auto Repair Shop in Your Area

In summary, to make your auto repair shop in the area it serves, do the following:

  • hire ASE-certified mechanics
  • offer both OEM and aftermarket parts
  • be open extended hours
  • make sure your shop is properly insured

For help finding insurance for your auto repair shop, contact us at Zuma Insurance. We’ve helped many auto repair shops assess their needs and find business owners and property insurance, and we’re ready to help you too.