How to Get The Most Out of Your Insurance Plan

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Insurance Plan

By Zuma Insurance Services | August 8, 2018

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Insurance is one of those things that is purchased in hopes that you will never have to use it. Often, it is purchased in part because it is legally required. Whether you are looking for personal or business car insurance in Montebello, CA or are looking for the right small business insurance solutions, it is important to do what you can to make the most out of your insurance while staying mindful of your budget.

Knowing Your Insurance Needs

Before going to anyone to shop for insurance, it is a good idea to have at least a rough idea of what you need. Someone that is looking for contractors insurance solutions will have different needs than someone who is looking for some other type of small business insurance solutions, such as a tax preparer or a shop owner. For most, the base coverage starts with general liability coverage, and at Zuma Insurance in Montebello, CA, it is often the place where we start to make suggestions. While we may make other suggestions, ultimately we let the decision of what types of coverage is most important to you be yours.

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If you have employees, you will be required to purchase unemployment insurance as well as workers’ compensation policies. A general liability plan is usually at the top of the recommended list, because it covers things such as property damage, injuries sustained by visitors to your business, as well as various legal fees your business may incur if it is sued or needs to defend itself against slander or libel. In some cases, a business owners policy will allow you to put together an insurance package that bundles different coverage together at a lower cost than purchasing separate policies.

Consider How Your Business Makes Money

Once you get the basics considered, deciding how much, and what types of other coverage you need will depend largely on how your business makes money. If your business required that you and your employees work from a single location, for example, business property insurance will likely be necessary, so that you can rebuild in case of damage. Other coverage may include Loss of Income, or Business Interruption policies so that your business expenses can still be paid — including your employee salaries even if business needs to stop during the rebuilding process.

Stay on Top of Your Needs With Your Insurance Agent

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No matter how clear your vision for your business might be, it is likely that most of the time your business’s reality is a bit different. From year to year it is good to look at what adjustments may need to be made in order to stay on top of your current business trends. There may some parts of your coverage you can forgo – or keep with a higher deductible while your risk is low, and other areas where a boost in coverage might be a wise choice. At Zuma Insurance we work closely with our clients to help them scope out their current market conditions and help them identify potential risks, so that they can work hard to make the right adjustments. Unlike some agencies, we have a particularly strong connection to contractor businesses and can help not only with businesses such as shops and restaurants but can help with contractors insurance solutions as well.


With a small business, every dollar you spend on your business matters so it is important to make the right decisions when it comes to your insurance needs.

  • Know the primary risks in your business, in order to make an informed decision on the best coverage to buy
  • Keep your basics covered, including unemployment, disability, workers’ compensation, and general liability, but don’t forget to fully explore other types of coverage might be needed too.
  • Work with your agent to make the necessary choices for your small business solutions, whether that means making cuts or adding additional coverage.

Whether you are just starting your new business, or are revisiting your existing business insurance needs, Zuma Insurance in Montebello, CA can help you find the right small business insurance solutions for the next phase of your business. To learn more contact Zuma Insurance at 866-400-4434 or contact us online to arrange a free quote.