All Floor Contractors Need Insurance – This is Why

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All Floor Contractors Need Insurance – This is Why

By Zuma Insurance Services | December 13, 2017

All Floor Contractors Need Insurance - This is Why

If you are starting out a flooring installation business or are adding the service to your general contractor services, you may need to watch your budget very carefully in order to make ends meet. But floor contractors or anyone who installs floor coverings should not skimp when it comes to their California contractors insurance. A good place to start is with general contractor insurance from Zuma .

General Contractor Insurance

General contractor insurance will help keep you protected if something goes wrong with the floor you have installed that leads to the personal injury of a person in the home or business where the floor has been installed. You will also be covered in the event of claims or related property damage, even types of advertising injury such as libel or invasion of privacy.

All Floor Contractors Need Insurance - This is Why

Commercial Auto and Property Insurance

Depending on the operating conditions of your business, you may need to maintain a space for an office that may or may not include inventory or have customer’s onsite. You will also likely need vehicles for you and your employees to get to and from job sites. Many things can potentially go wrong in these areas as well including:

  • auto accidents
  • theft from your headquarters or vehicle
  • vandalism
  • other injuries to the public on your property
  • and more

By adding commercial auto insurance and/or property insurance to your insurance package with Zuma , you add a little extra peace of mind that your business is safe and can put your energy into your customers to do your best work.

Contractors Insurance Bond

One of the top pieces of advice anyone gets before they hire a contractor for any job is to make sure that they are licensed and bonded, and although we don’t license contractors, one of the California contractors insurance benefits we provide includes contractors insurance bonds. Being properly bonded means that your customers feel assured that you will be able to complete the job that you are hired to do without causing damage to their home.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is another type of insurance that floor contractors need if they have others working for them. Workers may suffer a number of injuries while on the job, such as back or other muscle injuries, injuries from falls, or even altercations while on the job. At Zuma , we will look at the dynamics of your business and your employees need to help you decide the level of coverage that is best for you and your employees.

All Floor Contractors Need Insurance - This is Why

Potential Claims Against Floor Contractors

Even contractors and their employees with a high level of experience can make mistakes that result in various potential errors including

  • Uneven Flooring – Hardwood flooring can be especially challenging because floor planks are not always equal in thickness and can change over time. This can lead to slips and falls which can cause injury to either the home or business owners themselves or their guests or customers.
  • Property Damage – In some cases, poor installation can cause damage to the subfloor, or cause other property, such as furniture to slide and break if a floor is uneven, or if a person falls into something valuable.
  • Advertising Injury – A high level of complaints by customers, or competitors can lead to business losses. Whether it is your business that accidentally missteps and is accused of libel or another advertising injury such as an invasion of privacy for pictures used in your own ads, Zuma can cover many of these types of injuries.

Every responsible business does whatever they can to avoid accidents and provide a quality product and/or service to their customers. No one is perfect, and on the off chance that something does go wrong, it is important to have a quality insurance company on your side to make sure that one small problem doesn’t cause irreparable damage to your business or even your personal financial situation. To find the right insurance package for you, contact Zuma today for a free quote or to discuss your policy options.