Creating a Safety Plan for Nighttime Construction

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Creating a Safety Plan for Nighttime Construction

By Zuma Insurance Services | November 14, 2018

Working at night on a construction site

Night shifts are an inevitable reality for many different companies and employees across California – and especially important for meeting tight construction deadlines. While nighttime construction allows companies to keep their work moving along 24/7, they are also ideal for avoiding disruption during high-traffic daytime hours.

Working at night on a construction site may make things move more quickly than they do during the day but depending on the nature of the job, a construction site at night can also be extremely hazardous. This is one of the biggest reasons why implementing a proper safety plan is so important. In addition to investing in comprehensive construction or concrete worker insurance, business owners should also work closely with tier team to create a safety plan that is effective and easy to follow. Keep reading to learn how to write an effective construction safety plan for your night shift team.

How to Create a Nighttime Construction Safety Plan

Writing a safety plan doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In fact, there are many official OSHA-style templates available online for employers to choose from. However, if you’re creating your own, don’t forget the basics:

1. Outline Policy Goals

This should highlight the specific safety goals for your worksites and detail how each employee is responsible not only for their personal safety when working the night shift but for the safety of others. You can highlight best practices and go into detail about training and other safety requirements.

Construction site at night

2. Name a Safety Representative

Your safety plan should clearly state that the primary safety of your employees falls under their supervisor. All supervisors should be required to complete mandatory safety training, including first-aid administration. Once they have completed training, they should have the authority to stop work in the event of a hazardous situation. Additionally, all employees should participate in safety training as part of the “new hire process.”

3. Hazard Identification

What are some of the most common safety hazards that employees may find when working at night on a construction site? This is the area where you can highlight how to identify common safety hazards and how to avoid them.

4. Safety Best Practices

Once the most common safety hazards of working on a construction site at night have been identified, you can outline how to control them and other best practices. Notifying an immediate supervisor or safety representative of any hazards should be high on the list of priorities. Additionally, this is a good place to introduce MSDS information.

5. Employee Training

Safety training should be something that is ongoing within your company. While an initial employee safety training should be required before employees can begin work on the job site, continued training is important as well. Annual safety training can help to keep safety best practices and emergency response guidelines fresh for employees.

6. Recordkeeping

To avoid expensive lawsuits, it’s a good idea to keep records detailing who has completed safety training and when. You can also keep information on file that identifies safety representatives within each branch of the company and any changes that may have taken place since your last company-wide safety training.

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Keep It Simple: Creating Your Own Nighttime Construction Safety Plan

As you look to create an effective safety plan for your nighttime construction workers, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Comprehensive construction or concrete worker insurance can help to protect your employees and your bottom line.
  • A good safety plan should begin by outlining company safety goals and identifying safety representatives.
  • Training is key to keeping employees educated and responsible.

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