5 Valuable Reasons to Have Loss of Income Insurance

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5 Valuable Reasons to Have Loss of Income Insurance

By Zuma Insurance Services | September 11, 2017

5 Valuable Reasons to Have Loss of Income Insurance

Whether your business provides the primary means of support for your family or your company’s income is supplemental, losing your business’ income after a disaster can be devastating for so many reasons. But if you have loss of income insurance, you will lower your risk of financial problems during an already difficult time. What does this insurance provide, and do you really need it? Here are five great reasons to have insurance against loss of income to protect yourself and your family when you are a business owner.

1. An Added Layer of Protection

You probably already have different types of insurance. Your home and cars are insured, of course, and you may have a life insurance policy. You probably have health insurance, as well, and some people also have supplemental coverages such as disability or long-term care insurance. But those will not cover you the way insurance against loss of income will. If you have the right type of job loss insurance for your business, you can focus on enjoying your life and knowing you are protected financially, even if disaster strikes

2. An Ability to Pay the Bills

If you lose your business’ income to a natural or manmade disaster, your creditors are not going to sit around and patiently wait for things to improve. They still want their money, whether it is for the items you bought on your company credit card or simply to keep the lights on. When you know you can pay your bills with income insurance protection, even if your business suffers a disaster that results in a loss of income, it takes a lot of the stress and worry off of you. Income protection insurance against job loss is a great way to ensure the money you really need will be there.

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3. Putting a Focus on Recovering

When a loss of income from your business comes from a disaster, it may take time to recover. There can be damage to your property, your inventory, and your level of customer base. But no matter what you need to do to get your business running again, you will still need to spend time recovering from the disaster that occurred. Having insurance helps you put more of your focus into recovery, instead of worrying about money.

4. Continuing a Particular Quality of Life

Especially if you have a family, you are all probably used to a particular quality of life and standard of living. Without money coming in from your business, that standard can quickly change. But if you have insurance against loss of income, your quality of life will not be compromised. Your children can still take classes or participate in activities, and your spouse can still enjoy their hobbies, without the need to stop all of that due to a lack of funds. While you seek to rebuild or restore your business after a disaster, your family life can otherwise continue mostly uninterrupted.

5. Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind is very important, and a lot of people do not realize how valuable it is until they do not have it anymore. But with income protection insurance for job loss, you can have the peace of mind you need to get through a troubling time, even if your business experiences a disaster. Things will improve financially, but during difficult times it can be very helpful to know that there is someone on your side.

 Loss of Income Insurance


  • You want your family to keep their quality of life.
  • Your business needs time to recover after a disaster.
  • Paying your company’s bills is important.
  • An extra layer of protection can make all the difference.
  • Peace of mind is something you cannot put a price on.

To make sure you have the right levels of coverage for your business needs, and to get income protection insurance for job loss, contact Zuma today. From drywall contractors to auto repair shops, we can help you make sure you have all the coverage you need, so you can enjoy living your life without worries about potential financial loss.