5 Useful Things You Should Know about Janitorial Insurance

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5 Useful Things You Should Know about Janitorial Insurance

By Zuma Insurance Services | September 1, 2017

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Professional cleaning service owners, managers, and employees are put into a position of liability more often than most. Risk of physical injury is much higher in these professions. Late night hours, dangerous toolset, unfamiliar situations and dark, unlit rooms can frequently cause problems for janitors, making bonding and insurance for a cleaning company absolutely necessary. 

It doesn’t take much to come to a legal disagreement given these circumstances. Even if a lawsuit is found to be frivolous, the time and resources that are wasted to come to that point may irrevocably damage your company. Having the right janitorial insurance and bonding is essential to the longevity of your business. Here are some of the most important aspects of janitorial insurance that you should know.

How A Janitorial Insurance Program Differs From General Liability Insurance

Most companies need a general liability policy in place, if only just to remain in compliance with the law. However, General Liability, especially those implemented for regulatory purposes, usually covers basic liability only. The unique risks of the janitorial industry can only be covered through insurance for janitorial services. Janitorial companies must also consider the difference between Janitorial General Liability Insurance and Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O) – they are completely different and both highly beneficial.

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Why Having Janitorial E&O Insurance is Important for Subcontracting

E&O insurance extends protection outside of your immediate company and also covers any independent contractors that you may hire. Without E&O coverage, people outside of your immediate control may end up costing your business clients, trust and money – even if the transgression was not your fault. The difference between actual fault and legal liability can be confusing, and E&O insurance ensures this confusion never costs you your business.

Having E&O is Essential for Business

In most cases, the biggest fish in the industry will not hire a firm that does not maintain E&O insurance. These clients are usually involved in very complex, large projects, and they cannot afford to incur any liability whatsoever on them. The best way to ensure this is to only do business with companies that are fully insured themselves.

What Janitorial Bonding and Insurance Cannot Cover

In order to best serve you, janitorial service insurance is highly specific. There are some things that it cannot cover. For instance, no janitorial insurance or janitorial bond can cover incompetence. If an employee simply does not know how to use a certain tool and hurts himself, that employee will have to pay the cost of that mistake. Fortunately, regulations within the industry make this situation extremely difficult to manifest.

Other situations that a janitorial insurance program cannot cover include sexual harassment in the workplace, employees who are physically attacked on site, or undue exposure to hazardous materials or toxic chemicals. It is best to combine a good janitorial insurance policy with a good workers’ compensation policy to completely protect your workers on site.

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No Insurance Can Protect a Lack of Common Sense

If it is found that your company did not exercise appropriate measures in protecting employees on site, it is possible that your insurance claims may be voided. Make it a point to do everything possible to protect your employees from all on-site hazards. Employ a training program to ensure that all employees are aware of safety measures on the job.

In short, remember these basic truths about janitorial insurance:

  • Janitorial insurance is not general liability insurance
  • Having E&O insurance is essential if you subcontract
  • Having E&O insurance is essential for getting hired
  • Workers’ comp and industry-specific insurance work best together
  • Even with insurance, every employee must still exercise common sense on site

Your insurance needs are fully covered in the janitorial industry when you do business with Zuma. With years of experience specifically in the janitorial world, we understand exactly what you need. Give us a call with your questions or visit our website at zumainsurance.com.