5 Tips For a Successful Small Business Saturday

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5 Tips For a Successful Small Business Saturday

By Zuma Insurance Services | November 7, 2018

Small business saturday

Many retailers mark Black Friday as the beginning of their busy season. However, we think there are even more opportunities associated with the day after, Small Business Saturday. So what is Small Business Saturday?

It’s a day set aside each year to celebrate and support small retail businesses. Celebrated each year the day after Black Friday, it’s a chance for smaller businesses to shine. This year, it falls on November 24th, which means you still have time to plan for a hugely successful one. Our tips can help you bring in a crowd and get the holiday shopping season started off right:

What is small business saturday

1. Offer Small Business Saturday deals.

Big retailers can offer huge discounts on things like gaming consoles and projection TVs. While smaller retailers probably can’t match those sorts of deals, there are many other opportunities to offer savings and get people in the door. Put specific items on sale or offer percentage off coupons on one or two items in your visitors’ carts.

2. Use the Small Business Saturday hashtag in your social media.

Shoppers don’t just use social media for shopping online. According to research from Top Dog Social Media, 72% of Millennial shoppers research on social media before the shop with a local brand. By keeping an active presence and letting those shoppers know that you have something special planned for Small Business Saturday, you can encourage them to add you to their day.

The official hashtag of Small Business Saturday is #ShopSmall. Be sure to use this in your social media promotion so that users can easily find you and participate in your Small Business Saturday festivities.

3. Stock up on popular items.

If you offer a sale on a popular item, make sure that you have enough in stock to meet demand. Customers feel cheated and disappointed when they see a great sale offered, but find that the seller is sold out early in the day. To start off your relationship on the right foot, make sure that you are able to satisfy demand.

4. Make it an event.

Don’t just make Small Business Saturday a busy shopping day. Make it a party! Throughout the day, keep the energy up with live music, demonstrations, refreshments and other offerings. These make shoppers more likely to add your store to their Small Business Saturday list. And, if they are having fun, they are more likely to linger. The longer they linger the more likely it is that they’ll see something that they want to buy. Plus, the fun they have in your store today means a warmer feeling toward you later on.

5. Have giveaways and drawings.

While this is a time to celebrate small businesses, make sure you celebrate your customers, too. Drawings, raffles and giveaways are a great way to create some excitement and to give something back to the people who visit your store. When taking entries, make sure to also collect some contact info. Include a line asking if it is okay to contact entrants with special offers. Then, use this as the start of a mailing list you use to bring people back again and again.

Small business saturday deals

Key Takeaways:

Kick off a successful holiday shopping season with a great Small Business Saturday. To make the most of it:

  • Know that Small Business Saturday is November 24th this year.
  • Bring people in with discounts, prizes and fun.
  • Leverage social media, including the specialized Small Business Saturday hashtag, #shopsmall.

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