The 5 Hidden Threats of HVAC Installation

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The 5 Hidden Threats of HVAC Installation

By Zuma Insurance Services | August 1, 2017

The 5 Hidden Threats of HVAC Installation

The HVAC industry seems to be one of the few in the US that continues to show huge growth potential for small business owners. Because every home and building in the country needs to have some type of heating and cooling unit, they will require professional servicing at some point. This means that there will always be a high demand for experienced, knowledgeable and safe professional technicians. But that doesn’t mean that every job is without risk.

Top 5 HVAC Dangers Every Contractor Should Be Aware Of During Commercial HVAC Installations

1. Fatigue Can Put You and Your Customers At Risk

With business booming, it’s easy for many HVAC contractors to put in too many hours during the week during HVAC installations. With many physical demands on the job and extra hours on the time clock, fatigue can quickly set in. This can lead to mistakes during installation that could put contractors and their customers at risk. Failure to properly connect wires or secure heavy materials could pose a number of safety risks. Even getting behind the wheel to travel from job to job can potentially be very dangerous if your team is running on empty.

2. Electrocution Risks

Installing an HVAC system means that your team must work with electricity and wiring, putting them at risk of electrocution. Electrocution injuries can result in burns, internal injuries and in extreme cases, death. To help limit the danger of electrocution, contractors must be methodical in their safety practices and always turn off power to the area of the building where they will be working.

The 5 Hidden Threats of HVAC Installation

3. Falling from Great Heights

While most residential HVAC installations will take place on the ground floor or basement of a building, commercial HVAC can force contractors to dangerous heights. Because commercial HVAC equipment is often located on the roofs of tall buildings, there is an increased fall risk for most contractors. Proper safety precautions must be closely followed to reduce your risk of falling including wearing a safety harness and the use of safe ladders or scaffolding.

4. Dangerous Tools

Contractors must also use a wide variety of tools to complete a successful system installation. Many of these tools, like hot soldering equipment can increase your risk for burns and other injuries. Additionally, the HVAC system itself can pose a burn threat if you aren’t careful about where you place your hands and body during installation. Always heat-resistant gloves and eye protection during this dangerous process.

The 5 Hidden Threats of HVAC Installation

5. Asbestos Exposure

Depending on where you are installing the HVAC system, you may come into contact with dangerous asbestos. Because of its heat resistant factor, asbestos has been used in a wide variety of building materials including insulation, vinyl floor tiles, textured paint, shingles and more. Exposure to asbestos can result in asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Reduce your risk of exposure by always using respirators that are recommended by the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and following workplace safety standards.

Keep Your HVAC Team Safe with Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Even the most experienced and knowledgeable HVAC contractors are at risk of injury on the job. When considering the right level of HVAC insurance coverage to meet your needs, please consider the following:

  • Fatigue can easily cause your team to make simple mistakes that can put your clients and contractors at risk.
  • Fall and electrocution risks can be avoided by making sure that your team always uses approved safety tools and best practices.
  • You can limit the possibility of exposing your contractors to asbestos and other dangerous building materials by providing them with OSHA approved respirators.
  • Comprehensive HVAC insurance is the best way to give your team and your clients peace of mind to ensure that every job goes off without a hitch!

Want to more information about the benefits of investing in total insurance protection for your business with ZUMA Insurance? Visit our team online to learn about our coverage options and get a FREE HVAC insurance quote today!