3 Tips for Mechanics to Better Handle Customer Complaints

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3 Tips for Mechanics to Better Handle Customer Complaints

By Zuma Insurance Services | May 16, 2018

Even the most successful and well-rounded mechanics will run into customer complaints every now and then. While some auto repair complaints may be minor, others could end up causing issues for you and your customers. Whether you think that your customer is simply looking for a way to vent their frustrations or they have a valid reason to be upset, looking for a good solution is in your best interest. If you can handle the situation properly, you can easily protect the reputation of your business and help your customers to leave your auto repair shop happy. By implementing a few best practices in automobile workshops, mechanics can keep their customers happy for many years to come.

Top 3 Tips Every Mechanic Needs to Resolve Car Shop Complaints

3 Tips for Mechanics to Better Handle Customer Complaints

1. Never Lose Your Temper

Whether your customer is right or they are totally in the wrong, it is extremely important that you never lose your temper and become angry with a customer. Losing your cool will never help solve the problem and could end up making things much worse in the long run. Blowing up at a customer will only help to add fuel to the fire, so if you feel yourself becoming angry, step away for a moment. You can simply ask them to wait for a moment while you gather more information or if you’re on the phone, ask them politely to hold. Take a few minutes to cool down and gather your thoughts before returning to the conversation.

2. Listen and Show Respect

Listening is the most important aspect of exemplary customer service. Whenever customers come to you with car repair complaints, sit back and listen first. Let them go through their issue without interrupting and listen carefully. As you listen to their complaints, remain calm and make a mental note of the key points of their argument. If necessary, take them into a quiet space that is free from distractions so that you can listen fully to their issues. Showing a bit of respect as they vent their frustrations can also go a long way. So be sure to speak in a calm and controlled voice and, refer to them as sir or ma’am in conversation.

3. Don’t Play the Blame Game

At the end of the day, pointing fingers will never resolve a problem. If you are in charge, ultimately all blame for issues in your auto repair shop fall on your shoulders. Avoid blaming your customer, employees of any outside forces for the problem at hand. Instead of looking for someone to blame, focus on finding a solution that works best for everyone involved.

Remember not to take things personally when you get auto repair complaints. It’s impossible to get things right every time and even if you don’t see any clear fault in the issue, remember that your customer may not understand the problem fully.

Protect Your Business Reputation and Customer’s Best Interest

3 Tips for Mechanics to Better Handle Customer Complaints

The next time that you are faced with a number of car shop complaints, remember these key takeaways:

  • Listen carefully to what your customer has to say.
  • Don’t lose your temper and do something you will regret later. Anger will get you nowhere fast.
  • Don’t blame others for the problem. Simply listen carefully to the issue at hand and work to find the best solution for your customer.

The first line of defense against customer complaints begins with comprehensive auto repair shop insurance coverage. Want to learn more about the benefits of investing in total insurance protection for your business? Visit the team at Zuma & Associates online for more information and be sure to request a free quote today!