5 Safety Tips for Flooring Contractors Must Know

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5 Safety Tips for Flooring Contractors Must Know

By Zuma Insurance Services | December 12, 2018

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As a flooring contractor, you know first-hand what dangers and risks can come with the job. However, most dangers can be prevented by simply following some key safety tips.

Though most people think of flooring contractors as only installing new flooring, you know that much of a flooring contractor’s job involves removing old flooring so that the new materials can be installed, shuttling tools and materials in and out of trucks and buildings, handling heavy equipment, etc.

This often means working in varied dangerous situations with dangerous materials such as heavy ceramic and granite, lead paint, rusty nails, chemicals, and heavy-duty machinery and tools.

With all of this in mind, you’ve got to stay protected. Here are several key safety tips to consider in order to protect yourself and your employees from work-related dangers.

1. Protect Your Lungs

On the job, it’s possible that flooring contractors and their employees may be exposed to things such as silica, asbestos, lead, and other dangerous chemicals — all of which can be harmful for the lungs and other organs. To protect yourself, always wear a suitable respiratory mask for the hazards you’re facing.

2. Protect Your Eyes and Skin

Flying debris from sanding, cutting flooring pieces (tile, wood, linoleum, or otherwise), and ripping up materials can easily hit your skin or get into your eyes. Rusty nails, old materials, chemical solvents, etc. can pose serious health risks.

For these reasons, always wear goggles when working, and cover your body with long pants and long-sleeved tops. When necessary, wear gloves as well.

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3. Protect Your Ears

Loud machinery and power tools might not seem that annoying at the moment you’re using them, but over time, they can cause permanent hearing damage. Protect your ears by wearing hearing protection in the form of earplugs or safety ear muffs whenever loud tools are being used.

4. Protect Your Back and Knees

Carrying heavy materials and equipment such as ceramic tile, wood flooring, and power saws can cause back and neck problems. Furthermore, bending over, kneeling, and squatting for hours at a time while installing and pulling up flooring can cause added spine issues and knee issues, to boot. To protect your back and spine, exercise safe lifting, carrying, reaching, and bending practices. Moreover, always wear knee pads when kneeling.

5. Have Comprehensive Flooring Contractor Insurance

As a flooring contractor, you know how important it is to abide by the safety tips above. Still, you’re also keenly aware that accidents can happen any time.

And sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent them.

In these cases, it’s essential to have comprehensive flooring contractor insurance. Whether your main clients are homeowners or general contractors, your business entails working in other people’s home around other people, with heavy dangerous equipment.

Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong no matter how many precautions you put in place. In these situations, the only way to protect yourself is with adequate flooring contractor insurance.

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Staying Safe as a Flooring Contractor

In summation, remember these safety tip takeaways if you work as a flooring contractor:

  • Use respiratory masks to protect your lungs — especially when ripping up old flooring and cutting materials.
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes and thick work clothes, boots, and gloves to protect your skin and body.
  • Protect your ears and hearing by wearing ear plugs or muffs when working with loud machinery and tools.
  • Exercise safe lifting, carrying, reaching, and bending practices to protect your spine when moving heavy materials. Furthermore, always wear knee pads when kneeling on the floor.
  • Obtain the proper business insurance for flooring contractors to protect you and your company in the event of an unexpected loss.

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